WSA-mobile 2010 - Exhibition & Conference

5 – 8 December

The Winners Exhibition in Abu Dhabi will offer a platform for a truly outstanding experience for everyone interested in m-Content and the creative use of ICTs. The world’s best m-content producers will be given the chance to share ideas and present their work to the public. Be prepared to explore and discover the industry’s latest trends and innovations, from m-Learning to m-Health and from m-Entertainment to m-Inclusion.




7 & 8 December

For two days, the World Summit Award mobile (WSA-mobile) Winners teams selected from around the world, will take stage in Abu Dhabi to present their awarded projects, meet each other in panel discussions, share their visions on ICT, creativity and innovation, speak about their experience and ask and answer questions.

Each session will be thematically dedicated to one of the WSA-mobile categories and moderated by a member of the Grand Jury and other high level experts in m-content.

The workshops will be dedicated to innovation and creative use of ICTs. Using and working with technologies can improve the lives of many, but to create sustainable value this development has to be driven by quality content. This shall be clearly demonstrated by the existing examples of excellence from all parts of the world.

Creativity is not bound to being rich in terms of material goods, infrastructure and access to networks: it is a “natural resource” of the human mind everywhere in the world. Bridging the digital divide is therefore also a matter of content.

The WSA-mobile winners workshops will be a unique opportunity and an invitation to not only see the best examples of taking the main challenges of the new Information Society. It also allows meeting in person with those behind these projects.

The Conference is enriched with Keynotes from highest level speakers.

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