The Challenge

Each year, mobile phones become smarter and more intimate to us. We continue to adapt and use our phones to help us with more and more things as we incorporate them into every aspect of our daily lives. We live in the age of mobile applications and content.

  • There are 7.324 billion mobile connections in the world. This is 44 million more than the world's total population.
  • 51% of people have a mobile connection open to them
  • Mobile usage has surpassed the Internet and laptop/desktop usage more than 3 times over
  • 72% of web page views come from a mobile device

The Questions:

How can we know which mobile start-ups are making the most impact and effort to change our lives and our world with an Information Society that constantly overwhelms us with information, products, and services?

What is out there in terms of richness and diversity for mobile applications, just waiting to be discovered to make an impact?

Which apps and content can bridge the digital divide and close the information gaps?

How can we find the mobile apps that deliver the most value and that are outstanding for their own specific usages?

Who will be the one to revolutionize our mobile devices even further, to make the changes we need to see in the world?