What is WSA mobile?

The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) selects and promotes the world's best mobile content and applications. The award emphasizes:

  • cultural diversity and identity
  • the creation of varied information content
  • the digitalization of educational, scientific, and cultural heritage

Founded in 2010 as the sister to the World Summit Award, WSA-mobile aims to raise public awareness and recognition for the highest quality, most innovative e-Content produced worldwide and to make the best products accessible and meaningful around the world.

With the support of its main partner, The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC), the World Summit Award and its global network uses twelve years of expertise to answer the question:

"In our Information Society that constantly overwhelms us with information, products, and services, how can we know which mobile start-ups are making the most impact and effort to change our lives and our world?"


A global network of experts nominates the 8 best local apps to the world-wide contest. The submissions are evaluated by an international Grand Jury, who then select 40 winners. The winners are invited to the WSA-mobile Global Congress to showcase their innovation on a global stage.

WSA-mobile works within the framework of, and in cooperation with, the United Nations' World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It is mandated by the WSIS Plan of Action, and is executed in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO, and UN GAID.