African Content Award

Recognizing digital innovation with an impact on society from Africa.

The mobile broadband penetration in Africa will reach 20% by 2014 - compared to 2% in 2010 (source ITU). In some African countries more people have
a mobile phone than access to clean water, electricity or a bank account.
Mobile technologies changed the business conditions and ways of living in Africa and offer new chances.

In the latest global contest WSA received  excellent innovations from African countries, produced in Africa by Africans for Africans.

The idea of the African Content Award is to promote and recognize creativity in the region and to encourage collaboration among African countries. Out of all African submissions for the global WSA, an international jury will select the best African projects in each of the 8 WSA categories. In order to find out real success stories and innovative solutions we work with WSA representatives in 41 African countries.

The objective is to find out best practices in mobile content that have an impact on society and serve local communities.

The regional winners will be awarded during the Transform Africa Summit 2015, taking place in Kigali, Rwanda from Oct 19-21.

The African Content Award will

  • Strengthen the network of developers and entrepreneurs in the region
  •  Enable knowledge exchange among all stakeholders
  •  Encourage regional producers by awarding their outstanding achievements
  •  Use the mechanism of multi-stakeholder award to find out local best-practices with regional relevance
  • Enrich the Transform Africa Summit 2015 with young entrepreneurs and innovation