Mr. Ahmed Yahia

Position: Industry Capacity Building Department Manager
Organization: Information Technology Industry Development Agency- ITIDA

Ahmed Yahia Darwish, has an expanding portfolio of qualifications in industry development with the focus on SMEs development acquired throughout twenty six years of working experience covering program management at national level, ICT technical background, B2B/G2B/G2G/G2C business development, capacity building projects at the institutional and professional levels.  

Leveraging on his full time work he pursued his career as a Industry Capacity Building Director responsible for capacity building programs at national level as the backbone of ITIDA’ strategy and the guarantor of sustainable development of the ICT sector in Egypt. He manages a number of programs that have been designed and devised with a focus on developing the skills of the ICT workforce for individuals and companies. These programs focus on providing the needed skill sets, either technical or managerial, to entry level employees, middle managers and chief executives.   

He designed and managed (Grow IT) as ITIDA’s core program of building institutional capacity of the ICT SMEs in cooperation with highly ranked international consultancy firms (Atos, Hewitt, Arthur D. Little, QAI and CID) to increase the international competitiveness of 100 Egyptian ICT companies that are existing exporters, or who have export potential. Up to 75 highly qualified consultants were involved in the process, implementing more than 130 best practices.  

He succeeded to manage independently the Management Development Programs (Manage IT) aim at preparing managers at the start of their managerial careers to deal with higher levels of management responsibilities based on the latest techniques and international standards and focus on building the capacity of SMEs through providing the ICT calibers with the managerial skills, knowledge and the best practices.

He succeeded to design and implement (Finance IT) program in cooperation with the Egyptian banking sector for the first time in Egypt. In cooperation with the banking sector three lines of credit have been customized to meet the business needs of the ICT SMEs and to help them facing the economical instability.

In addition to his efforts in building the Capacity of the ICT SMEs, Ahmed has designed and implemented the National ICT Companies Database, that contains all registered ICT companies as the only centralized reference for all the ICT Sector in Egypt.      

Prior to this as a National Executive Manager, he worked for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) to manage the reformation and development of Egypt Post to act as the e-Gov hub for several G2C kind of services through its 3600 branches located in all governorates. He established the first e-Payment Network of a multi-application smart cards to cater on hundreds of millions saving and pension accounts. In addition Ahmed established (15) IT community centers in 5 governorates to help illiterate people in using the advanced computer systems and applications, and to help students to perform their researches and thesis.

During his 11 years of work (1990 - 2001) for the Ministry of Electricity and Energy in Saudi Arabia as Executive IT Manager, he established the Saudi ICT infrastructure and information systems of the Saudi Electricity Sector though the establishment of four main Computer Sites in Jeddah, Makah, Medina, and Taif.

Ahmed earned his Master’s degree in Technical Business Administration (Techno MBA) – IT Program Management specialization from Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in 2005, with a recommendation for thesis publishing.  

On the professional designations level, he is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Board Member, and Eminent Expert of the World Summit Award (WSA).