Ms. Zauria Saifodine

Head of ICT Training and Certification
ICT Policy Implementation Technical Unit

Zauria Saifodine got her degree in Computer Science in 1995 from the Adelaide University in Australia. After her degree she worked at Eduardo Mondlane University as a Junior Lecturer up to 1999. She was again awarded another scholarship to undertake a Master Degree on Information System.
After her Masters Degree, she lectured several subjects in the field of information technology. In 2001 she was assigned the task to be de Deputy Director of Human Resources and Finance at the Faculty of Economics and also invited to join a group of national specialists responsible for the formulation of Mozambique’s ICT Policy Implementation Strategy. The ICT Policy Strategy was approved by the Council of Ministers in June 2002. Besides lecturing and being part of a group of experts, Zauria also gave her spare time to the ICT Policy Commission where she worked as a volunteer, designing ICT projects to be implemented under the framework of the ICT Policy and refining the ICT Policy Implementation Strategy. In 2003, with the establishment of the ICT Policy Implementation Technical Unit (UTICT) she was appointed as the ICT Training and Certification Advisor. At this unit she coordinates two teams: one working in the field of ICT Human Development and the other working on the other on the field of Content and Applications Development and Management