All main WSA activities are coordinated at the International Centre for New Media (ICNM) - a non-profit organisation, based in Salzburg, Austria.

The work of ICNM started in 1997 and the organisation emerged from the Institute for the Information Economy and New Media, Salzburg, and the New Media Department of the ICCM (International Centre for Culture and Management).

The ICNM organises and promotes projects in:
•    research in and analysis of new media content and market development
•    international networking
•    best practice evaluation and promotion
•    organisation of best practice events and summer schools

ICNM – International Center for New Media
Moosstrasse 43a
A - 5020 Salzburg, Austria
T: +43.662.630408
F: +43.662.630408.22


The International Centre for New Media (ICNM) had been founded and is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck Ph.D., MA. who acts as the President in an honorary fashion and is the legal representative of ICNM.

Prof. Bruck works at the Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbH and is the
CEO and Chief Researcher at the RSA FG. For more info, please go to:

Projects and activities of the ICNM include:

World Summit Youth Award
Anna Rechberger
Project Manager WSYA
E-mail: rechberger [at]

World Summit Award & World Summit Award Mobile
Nora Wolloch
Project Manager WSA & WSA-mobile
E-mail: wolloch [at]
Website: |

EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards
Lucie Jagu
Project Manager EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards
E-mail: jagu [at]

Austrian State Prize for Multimedia and e-Business
Anja Pohl
Project Manager Staatspreis
E-mail: pohl [at]