LI Yong, Director General UNIDO





Youth are a great source of creativity and innovation. If equipped with the needed skills, technology and investment to turn their ideas into successful businesses they can become drivers of economic growth and job creation in their societies. The past years have been marked by the events of the Arab Spring which are believed to be, inter alia, the result of unequal access to economic opportunities and high unemployment rates among young graduates. Young people demand to be actors of the socio-economic development of their societies. We should work towards an enabling environment to unleash the productive potential of young women and men. This will require the joint efforts of the international community, governments and the private sector. Together we can support youth worldwide to fulfill their aspirations and turn their innovative ideas into action.


Information and communication technology is a key tool for development. It contributes to increased productivity and helps stimulating a competitive knowledge-based economy. Through ICT we can fast track sustainable growth and employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.