Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria are tied to the concept of excellence in content and creativity. The notion of excellence includes the notion of innovation in terms of applications. The WSA-mobile is a content-focused award. It does not evaluate the commercial success nor the organizational implementation and use of products. The criteria of the WSA-mobile are technical in terms of content solutions and of creative uses of multimedia technologies. There are five criteria considered by the Jury. The averaged sum of these five criteria is calculated as the technical score and used for ranking in the evaluation process.

  •     Quality of content and comprehensiveness
  •     Ease of use on the small screen: navigation and orientation
  •     Quality of design: aesthetic value of graphics / music or sounds
  •     Range of functionalities  
  •     Technical quality: performance, craftsmanship, stability  

S — Strategic importance for the development of a quality Information Society
A — Accessibility: cost effectiveness meeting the social and economic needs of intended user groups