Starting 2014, WSA- mobile national Experts are searching for unique apps that make a difference! Your app adds substantial value to peope’s lives in remote villages or urban megacities? Find out who is your national WSA expert, proof the unique value of your product and put it on a global stage at the WSA Global Congress in Abu Dhabi!


The Road to Abu Dhabi – How to Participate

Step 1 - National Pre-Selections

To participate in WSA-mobile 2014, you need to get in contact with your national expert. National Experts nominate and submit your country's eight best apps- one in each contest category: The WSA-mobile databaseis now open to nominations, submission deadline is July 15th. To find out whom to contact to submit your product, please get in contact with

Step 2 - Jury Process

After the national pre-selection period, a jury of eminent experts will evaluate the submissions and select the 40 best apps- five in every contest category. The WSA Board of directors is in charge of appointing an experienced and gender reflected jury. The Board is still open to new juror recommendations. If you wish to apply for the jury or suggest a juror please get in touch with .

Step 3 - WSA-mobile Global Congress 2014 in Abu Dhabi

The ultimate highlight of the WSA-mobile 2014 is celebrating international app delicacies at the WSA-mobiel Global Congress in Februrary 1-3, 2015. With the great support of ADSIC, WSA-mobile is going to host the smartest and most creative app developers in Abu Dhabi.

For further information get in touch with wsa-mobile [at] icnm [dot] net