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The WSA-mobile Winners’ Events will turn Abu Dhabi into a global hub for mobile content. This year’s event program will include keynote-sessions and hands-on workshops on topics such as multiscreen marketing, mobile game design and mobile learning. Renowned experts such as Janine Warner, Tomi Ahonen, Gary Schwartz and Harri Koponen – creator of the most successful m-Game Angry Birds – will be among the speakers. Furthermore, high ranking representatives of the United Nations and several national governments will attend the congress to share their visions about a mobile knowledge society.

Global Mobile Conference - Visionary Keynotes, Interactive Discussions

  • The Battle of the Screens: Enabling Multiscreen Platforms
  • Thank God, it's Mobile: Networking for Mobile Success
  • War of Platforms: Mobile Ecosystem
  • Playing with the Angry Birds: Reaching Millions of Gamers
  • The Sound of Mobile: Enriching the Audio Experience

Come to Abu Dhabi to...

  • Meet the speakers, winners and experts from all over the world
  • Find out what is happening in terms of high quality mobile content on a global scale
  • Learn from each other
  • Benefit from workshops, keynotes and interactive discussions
  • Address the audience and customers from the region

Find the preliminary program here ...

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