Chairman, World Summit Award

CEO and Chief Researcher, Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft

Prof DDr Peter A Bruck studied law, economics, sociology and communications at the universities of Vienna, Iowa and McGill. He holds doctorates in law and communications and has taught at universities in Canada, the US and Western Europe plus Israel and Poland. He has more than 25 years experience in research, university teaching and information technologies in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the US and Canada. 

Ms. NORA WOLLOCH |  +43 662 63 04 08 - 32

Project  Management 
Nora Wolloch holds a Diploma in German Literature. Since 2005, she worked as a Production Manager for various international Theater Festivals, as Wiener Festwochen, Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture or Salzburgfestival. Nora joined the ICNM Team in November 2010 as Event & Project Manager for the WSA and WSA-mobile. 

Mr. MATTHIAS GRUBER |  +43 662 63 04 08 - 35

Press & Communication Manager
Matthias Gruber holds a diploma in Theater- Film- and Mediastudies and a postgraduate diploma in Intercultural Studies. Since 2009, he worked as a freelance filmmaker for various research projects and headed the student newspaper Uni:Press. Matthias joined the ICNM Team in July 2012 as Press and Communications Manager.

Ms. EVA KRALLINGER |  +43 662 63 04 08 - 40

Project Assistant
Eva holds a diploma in communication science. While pursuing her studies in Klagenfurt and Dijon/ France, she completed a series of internships, f.e. at the Austrian Radio Station “Ö3” and at the Austrian Cultural Forum at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, D.C. Eva joined the ICNM Team in February 2012 and is currently supporting Nora Wolloch on the WSA and WSA-mobile.

Ms. STEPHANIE HÖLTSCHL | +43 662 63 04 08

Organisational Support
Stephanie holds a diploma in Theater- Film- and Mediastudies and has worked for various theatre productions within Austria. Thanks to her experience, she will be a special asset to the WSA-mobile team by supporting it in terms of organisation on site. 

Ms. BIRGIT BERGER |  +43 662 63 04 08 - 24

Project Controlling
Birgit holds a master degree in organizational development from the University Klagenfurt. She was the project manager of the Austrian State Prize for Multimedia & e-Business from 1998-2001 and has already worked for ICNM from 2002-2006. For the last years, she was responsible for marketing and events for the Research Studios Austria. In December 2010, she took over the project controlling for ICNM projects.


Photographer/ Video
Philipp is a student of Multi Media Art in Salzburg and will be working with the WSA team for the third time. Together with Hai-Dang Tran, Philipp will be responsible of documenting the WSA-mobile Winners' Events by taking pictures and producing a best-of video. 


Assistant Photographer/ Video
Hai-Dang Tran will assist Philipp Benedikt in his art work for WSA-mobile. Together they will document the whole event by filming and photographing. Hai-Dang studied Computer and Communication technique in Carinthia/Austria. When not being engaged in WSA-mobile, Hei-Dang works as a press photographer for a major media house in Austria.

Hai-Dang Tran will assist Philipp Benedikt in his art work for WSA-mobile. Together they will document the whole
event by filming and photographing.
Hai-Dang studied Computer and Communication technique in Carinthia/Austria. 
When not being engaged in WSA-mobile, Hei-Dang works as a press photographer for a major media house in Austria. 

Ms. Emilia BRUCK

Emilia has studied and worked in the field of Architecture and Urbanism and is currently completing her Master in Urban Design at the Technical University Delft, Netherlands.
Emilia had been supporting and working with the teams of the WSA, as well as WSYA, between 2007 and 2010, attending the Grand Jury events in Croatia and India, as well as the Gala Events in Italy and Mexico. After almost three years away, Emilia is looking forward to contribute to another successful event in Abu Dhabi this February.


Ms. Lucie JAGU | +43.662.630408-30                                                                                      

Lucie is the project manager of the WSA's Youthtrack, the World Summit Youth Award and Eurpean Youth Award. She will be supporting the team in Abu Dhabi with her expertise of workshop organisation.

PR & Communication Officer

B.A. Management Information Systems
Worked in Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority for 4 years in International promotion conducting exhibitions, workshop, etc
6 years Experience in Marketing & Promotion.
Hobbies: Body Builder (3-time champion 2008 , 2009 & 2011 4th place in U.A.E)

PR & Communication Manager

B.A. Marketing w/minor in Business Management (Lebanese American University)
9 years experience in the marketing/advertising/communications fields
Hobbies: Swimming, Tennis, and Traveling

PR & Communication Officer

B.A. Communications (University of Colorado)
enjoys extended vacations and last-minute road trips, drag racing, and reading newspaper