Mr. Rainer Babiel

Position and Company: 
CEO Babiel GmbH

Dr. Rainer Babiel is general manager of the Babiel GmbH, which he co-founded in 1991. His company is a consultancy and agency for online communications, which implemented its first mobile web solutions in 1999. In addition to various industry clients in Europe, Dr. Babiel has worked as a consultant for the governments of Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Slovenia. He and his agency realized ambitious internet projects for them. In 2007, Babiel GmbH won the WSA for the German Parliament website. Dr. Rainer Babiel postgraduated in Business Informatics and Marketing Studies at the University of Münster and doctorates about Content Management Systems. He is Adjunct Professor for Economics and Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne/Bielefeld (Germany). Currently his interests are focused on mobile internet and social media.