Sofie Maddens

Belgium, USA
Position and Company: 
Sofie Maddens as Senior Director of Global Services

Sofie Maddens is Senior Director of Global Services at ISOC.
Ms. Maddens provides global leadership and management of the Internet Society’s regionalization program, which includes five Regional Bureaus located in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, and North America.
“The Internet Society is a global organization, at the heart of which are our Regional Bureaus,” said Walda Roseman, Chief Operating Officer of the Internet Society. “They provide us with regional reach and local presence to ensure that our activities are internationally relevant and that our vision of a global, open Internet accessible to all can, indeed, be advanced worldwide.  The Regional Bureaus are integral hubs that engage our Chapters, Members, and staff in advancing our mission and the multistakeholder Internet model.”

Ms. Maddens is a respected international information and communications policy, regulatory, and trade expert, with a Master’s Degree in Law. Her scope of responsibility has been diverse, including managing and defining ICT projects in more than 50 countries, focusing on the information and communications sectors, and on policy and regulation of the information society, including Internet policy and governance, e-commerce, privacy, cybercrime, and cyber security.