Mr. Gabriel Deek

Position and Company: 
CEO | Omni Systems
As founder and CEO of Digital Media Solutions Companies and Manager of e-Business Solutions Activities for the past 20 years, Gabriel Deek was involved in multiple projects related to e-Business Infrastructure, Multimedia, Advanced Collaboration, Video Production and Post-Production, and News-Room Automation Systems. He is the General Manager of OmniSystems sal., an affiliate company to OmniTech Holdings and MDS Holdings. While keeping a close relationship with the Academia, he joined the PCA in 1996. President since March 2007 he acts on community initiatives aiming to bridge the Digital Divide. He also chairs the Organizing Committee of the Golden Chip Awards since its creation in 1999. Within the WSA network, Gabriel is one of the longest serving and most dedicated members. Since 2008 he holds the position of a WSA Special Ambassador.