Fadi Chehade, ICANN



Fadi Chehade, ICANN President and CEO

ICANN today, is actively working on bringing the next 4 billion users online.  Today we stand at just over 3 billion connected users, and the Internet is an integral part of our lives; accessible through many devices. A couple of years ago, we set on a journey to expand the Internet through our New Generic Top-Level Domain Programme, and specifically the Internationalised Domain Names. Local content is an important part of this expansion. To have script other than Latin allows for millions of users to be part of content creation on the Internet and to provide access to content in their very own language. The challenge now, is to populate the internet with local content, to complement the expansion of the domain names. 

We support the objectives of WSA and view it as an important platform for cultivating creativity and innovation in developing local content to ensure the inclusivity of today’s information society. "