Welcome Message by DG of ADSIC

H.E. Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori
Director General

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center

>> Abu Dhabi, thanks to the wise vision and directions of its leadership, has become the preferred regional hub for the United Nations organizations for information and communication technologies (ICT), as we host the second World Summit Award for Mobile Content.

This event offers a unique peek for our regional neighbors into localizable IT updates and advanced tools, and how far these tools can be used for sustainable development and increasing its global participation in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

ICT has developed new knowledge-based economy systems, making such economic model the core target of the Abu Dhabi e-Government strategy, gradually driving transformation towards its attainment, in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, ultimately rendering the community towards the "developed-countries" class.

The Abu Dhabi e-Government strategy supports initiatives for sustainable innovation of technology, nationally and internationally, and the use of innovative applications for developing and improving content production locally. Indeed, our "strategy" goals generally correspond to those of the WSA, especially those related to utilizing ITC as the means for the welfare and well-being of mankind. Such approach builds on the widely strong belief that investing in human capital will prove to be the best in the 21st century, and the empowering tool for community transformation towards knowledge-based economy, thereby realizing the vision of our wise leadership to boost the rank of the Abu Dhabi Government among the top five in the world.

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center (ADSIC), being the governmental entity responsible for the IT agenda locally, and while supervising the e-Government program implementation and sponsoring initiatives and mature assets and competencies that are of critical importance to the e-Government project, beside being the main WSA partner, which share the same aspiration towards the achievement of MDGs, will spare no effort in providing any kind of support required, and the perfect setting for holding the Award events and conferences, in a way that truly reflects the leading, civilizational role of the UAE capital, regionally and internationally".