Catherine Bentley

Position and Company: 
Senior Consultant Innovation 360

Catherine holds a BA in political science from the University of Texas at Austin, USA and an MBA from the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise (GSSE) program at Colorado State University, USA. She has worked in East Africa, South Asia and in the Middle East on various private sector development initiatives focusing on support to small and medium enterprises. Since 2012, she has worked with an SME development finance institution in Kurdistan, and with the Jordanian government in strategic consulting assignments involving funding SME growth projects and executing national innovation priorities. She currently is a senior consultant with Innovation 360 in Dubai, UAE.  As a leading innovation management firm in the region, Catherine works with her team to help organizations uncover transformative innovation opportunities that deliver value and growth through Innovation 360 advisory services, workshops, and innovation-driven products. The innovation management firm also supports the Turn8 start-up accelerator and managed Khalifa Fund’s 2014 Ibtikari accelerator for UAE nationals.

Catherine brings to Innovation 360 an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to nurturing innovative capacities in the public and private sectors, and a passionate commitment to people themselves who drive tomorrow’s business and governmental leadership in the Arab world.