Ms. Reem Al-Mansoori

e-Inclusion Manager
Arab Countries and Middle East

Reem Al-Mansoori’s 12+ years in the IT field include leading the e-Inclusion team at ictQATAR, working on developing the digital inclusive society across Qatar creating and implementing state of art e-skills and technology that is responsive to the needs Qatar Society. The ictQATAR’s “e-Inclusion” program consists of both inclusive ICT and the use of ICT to help people to overcome economic, social, educational, territorial or disability-related disadvantages.

Reem Al-Mansoori has a wealth of experience in e-Literacy and ICT development. She has worked in e-Inclusion strategy development, ICT Capability building program planning and implementation, developing ICT curriculums.  She has conducted lectures in computer safety. Currently, she serves as a member on the board of Qatar Academy School.

Reem Al-Mansoori was Project Manager at the e-education team at ictQATAR. She managed several initiatives such as School Learning Management System “Knowledge Net”, Teachers Learning Portal “Global Gateway”, e-Literacy, K-12 Cyber Safety, and ICT Community centers.

Before joining ictQatar, Reem Al-Mansoori was leading the Business Intelligence Module and a Data Warehouse for Kahramaa (Qatar General Corporation for Electricity and Water). Prior to that, she worked as University Teacher Assistant at Qatar University, and she has published at Journal of Intelligent Systems, about using Information technology at the medical field.

Reem Al-Mansoori has an MSc in “Computational Intelligence” from University of Plymouth at UK, and BSc in “Computer Science “ from Qatar University at Qatar.