Idris Jonmamadov
"New Media Development" Project Coordinator
Internews Network Inc., Tajikistan

Idris Jonmamadov is has joined the World Summit Award expert panel in 2012. He is working as Project Coordinator in the “New Media Development” and is a Joint Expert Council Member and is attending the “United Nations – APCICT” – Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders.

After having finished his studies of Software Engineering in Tajikistan and the United States, he gained working experience in different fields, such as Loan Administration, Translation, Database Development and prior to his current job, Mass Media Analysis.

Idris speaks English, Russian, Tajik and Farsi and won several awards, such “Net Riders 2011” (National IT Competition).




Ms. Mahinakhon Suleymanova
Sugdagroserv Consulting

Mahinakhon Suleymanova is the Director of “Sugdagroserv Consulting”, a public Organisation based in Khujand. Prior to this position, she worked in different positions for “Save the Children in Tajikistan”. Mahinakhon holds a degree in “Computer Sciences” from the Technological University of Tajikistan. She now is studying “Economics & Business”. 

Mrs. Srikanya Yathip
Assistant Secretary General, Member Relations & Communication Group
Government Pension Fund

Work Experience:

Current: Assistant Secretary General. Member Relations & Communication Group,
Government Pension Fund, Thailand (


Minister of Transports, Thailand
Position: Advisor (1 year)
Responsibility: Liaise on international co-operation

Rentokil Initial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Position: Executive Director (1 year)
Responsibility:Merger and Acquisition

M-IV Co.,Ltd.
Position: Managing Director (2 years)
Responsibility:Celebrity Image Management for Thai TV station (Channel 3)

Chuo Senko (Thailand) PLC.
Position: Managing Director (8 years)
Responsibility:Strategic Planning for Regional Accounts and Overall Management

Post Publishing PlC, Thailand
Position: Post Comics Publishing Manager (2 years)
Responsibility:Comic Licensing and Publishing

Fujikura Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Position: Thai-Japan Co-coordinator (2 years)
Responsibility: Liaise the establishment of 3 new companies in Thailand.

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategic Planning, Branding, PR, Advertising, Consumer-Business Research

Language: Thai, English, Japanese

Mr. Batyr Karryev
Main IT expert
Center of Information Technologies "SIBIS"

Dr. Batyr Karryev is an experienced scientific and IT professional who has good electronic, oral and written communication skills, knowledge of geophysics, seismology, IT methods, and administrative abilities. Fields of Expertise and Specialization: geophysics, creation of information systems and resources for seismic, ecological, etc areas in Internet and electronic MASS MEDIA. He has worked for the Scientific – Information Center of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Scientific –Technical Center of “Turkmentelecom” of Ministry of communication of Turkmenistan as General Director before joining the Center of Infomation Technologies "SIBIS".

Mr. Vadim Navotny
Project Manager

Vadim Navotny is Representative of Uzbekistan in General Assembly of Central Europe Educational Network (from 1997), INTAS expert, The chief of NATO project NIG 951398, The chief of Soros Foundation project UZ050898-01, The chief of EurAsia Foundation project T98-0682, The chief of NATO project NIG 974531, The Project manager of UNDP UZB 00015506, Co-director of NATO “SilkHighway” project, Cj-director of Euro Commission “OCCASION” project.