Latin America and Caribbean

Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (CITMATEL)

Beatriz Alonso Becerra graduated in 1980 in Industrial Engineering; she took Graduate degree courses on Specialization in Automated Systems of Management and in Information Technologies, in Cuba and abroad. She is Master of Management Science since 1997. Ms Alonso has been working in the sector of Science since 1980 and has accumulated a wide professional experience in the field of ICTs. Since 1999 she has been Director General of Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (CITMATEL) and member of the Council of Management of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for many years.
Beatriz has been a member of Organizing Committees for National and International events associated to Information Technologies. She is a member of national commissions in ICT-related topics, such as the National Editorial Council. Ms Alonso represents Cuba in the Country Code Top Level Domain of Latin America (LACTLD). She participated as a member of the Cuban delegation in the 1er and 2nd phases of the World Summit of the Information Society in Geneva in 2003 and in Tunisia in 2005. She has written and published more than 25 articles and manuals on topics related to Information and Communication Technologies. She leads The Program “Developing the Cuban Science Network”, a digital network of contents, products and services resulting from Science and Technological Innovation.

Dominican Republic
Cámara Dominicana de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación

Arturo Lopez Valerio is an expert in interaction strategies based on the use of digital tools and resources to achieve effective contact with their customers, partners and suppliers through the brand; managing benefits through the cost reduction and the effectiveness of data collection.
Having more than eight years of experience in the planning and implementation of interactive projects (Internet, Mobile and Retailing), he was the first producer of tools for interactive marketing (mobile and internet) in the Dominican market. He is founder of Resources for Open Community Knowledge and of Numericit, ICT Consultant for Alianza ONG and e-commerce manager for VIVA Wyndham Resorts.

Kruger Corporation

Ernesto is a specialist in Information Technology Specialist, consultative sales and consulting with 20 years of experience.
He is the founder of Kruger Corporation, currently one of the most high tech companies recognized in Ecuador for 19 years with projects in USA, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Panama.

He works as a consultant for the World Bank, Microsoft, UNDP, IDB.

Ernesto is also Founder and Former President Ecuadorian Association of Software, Former Director of ALETI and member of several directories such as Total Quality Corporation, Technological Park of Quito, ANDE.
He is also founder and board member of several companies as ECUACERT (information security), TERRATELECOM (telecommunications), optically (consulting).

He developed more than 500 successful technology projects for clients such as IESS, SRI, Favorite Group (Supermaxi) Pronaca, Thessaly, Novacero, Fybeca, Attorney, Flopec, Banco Pichincha, Diners, Marathon, Durini Group, to name a few.

El Salvador
IT Director
Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon Canas

Electrical engineer and Business Administrator. Master Degree in New Information and Communication Technologies. IT Director of Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Canas" (UCA). Founder and President of an not for profit organization called SVNet , the SV ccTLD. Former president of LACTLD, the Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Organization. Founding member of the Board of Directors of Asociacion Infocentros, an organization that is very much involved in setting up telecenters, as well as promoting the creation of contents and applications. Member of the Board of Directors of Cyberescuela, a site to support primary and secondary education in El Salvador. Member of the Board of Directors of CONACYT (, the National Council of Science and Technology. Coordinator of the National Committee of Information Technology, creator of the National Policy of Information Technology. Founding member of the National Commission for the Information Society of El Salvador.  Founding member of the Board of Directors of CLARA (Cooperación Latinoamericana de Redes Avanzadas – Advanced Networks Latin America Cooperation), a Latin American organization involved in the deployment of Internet2 in this continent, and current partner of the ALICE (America Latina Interconectada con Europa) project .Founder and president of RAICES (Red Avanzada de Investigación, Ciencia y Educación Salvadorena – Advanced Research, Science and Education Salvadorean Network).Regular contributor to the three most important (paper) newspapers in El Salvador (La Prensa Grafica, El Diario de Hoy and Diario El Mundo).

Head of Customer Solutions Delivery Department

Glendon Langaigne has over 15 years of experience in technology and product management with industry-leading companies. MS in Information System Management, MCSD Certification. Achievements include successful product launches, business turnarounds, and 6-figure revenue gains.  As the President of the Information Technology of Grenada, iTAG, and past director of the Grenada Centre of Excellence, he seeks to promote and advance the benefits of ICT in Grenada.  He hopes to contribute towards the continued development of ICT students, enthusiasts and professionals by ensuring the association and its members are involved and engaged in the ICT industry in all aspects within Grenada.
Glendon works for the largest Telecommunications provider in the region, LIME, and plays a key role for the company in the management of the Fixed Broadband product.
Key Skills

  •   Skilled in leading teams through challenging transition periods to pave the way for positive long-term results.
  •   Advanced knowledge in technology disciplines, systems, processes, and protocols, including online solutions.
  •   Record of success in developing product/service solutions that meet top-priority business and customer needs.
Operations Director

Maria Zaghi, is the ICT Project Coordinator for the Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala. She is part of the Information Committee in the National Science Council, she heads the National E-commerce Commision of Guatemala and is also a professor in ICT programs for Universidad del Valle Landivar University and Universidad Galileo in Guatemala.
Ms. Zaghi has an MBA degree from the University of Maryland. She has been a senior consultant for local projects in Guatemala related to financial systems, energy sector financial systems, Internet, e-Commerce, e-Education, e-Inclusion, among others, but she has also been  an international consultant for projects related to ICTs for the IADB,  World Bank, the European Community, ICDF (Taiwan), Gateway Development Foundation, NAM CSSTC, GAIA (Spain), Panamerican Health Organization, Exxon and Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Vidyaratha Kissoon is a member of DevNet, a non-governmental organisation in Guyana which seeks to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Devnet is the successor of the Sustainable Development Networking Programme in Guyana and is the only organisation of its kind. Mr Kissoon has been associated with ICT4D since 2000 and has been active in various networks which promote the development of Guyanese and Caribbean content. He is a member of other organisations which are involved in various social issues and has been working on converging some of the technology with the activities of those organisations.

National coordinator
Sustainable Development Networking Honduras (RDS-HN)

Maria Raquel Isaula Peralta is national coordinator of the Sustainable Development Networking Honduras (RDS-HN)  since 1996. Before that, she was Executive Director of AHDEJUMUR (A Honduran Association for the Development of Rural Youth and Woman) Tegucigalpa. She holds a B.S. in Sociology and in Agriculture Science.

Director of Post and Telecommunications
Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining

Cecil McCain, who has been the Director, Post and Telecommunications since 2006, provides technical
and policy advice to the Government of Jamaica on telecommunications and ICT related matters. He
has over 18 years of experience in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of Technology and
ICT related projects beginning with his employment as a Research Officer at the Scientific Research
Council in Jamaica.

Since 2009, Mr. McCain has been a member of the United Nations Secretary General´s Advisory Group
for the Internet Governance Forum. Mr McCain is currently a member of the Board of the Universal
Access Fund Company Limited which provides funding for projects to facilitate the achievement of
universal telecommunications service in Jamaica. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the
Telecommunications Policy and Management (TPM) Programme of the Mona School of Business,
University of the West Indies.

Mr. Alejandro Machorro Fernández

Alejandro Machorro Fernández, age 34,  is Mexican born in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. Since very little showed interest in music and technology. When he was a teenager he got involved in a rock band and from that moment he has devoted a great deal of his time to investigate the use of technology on live shows. He studied Economics at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), leaving his studies on the last year of his bachelor’s degree to start a company.
Alejandro has been a self-learner student on information technologies, its extensive experience and his deep understanding on ITC's led him to develop products that have won international contests for world renowned companies such as Phillip Morris International and Phillips.

From a very early age, Alejandro has been an entrepreneur starting projects and companies that are always ahead of the market. In 2000 he and Rudy Laddaga founded Media Innovations, a digital signage company that became the 4th worldwide and the most important in Latin America. The company was sold in January 2007. Since then Alejandro has founded four new companies: NERD, a specialist in interactive digital lighting; Modern Media Technologies, a leader in implementing ITC's for Below the Line marketing strategies; Mandalah, the first trend research firm in Mexico and Poink Technologies, a Studio that helps new media talents to start their own companies by providing offices, communication services and finance and legal advice. He is also, with Rudy Laddaga, the co-founder of  U-TOUR.