Winner Statements 2015

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  I got really amazed by the amazing diversity that I could see during the event. So many people from so many different places! This has opened my eyes to reach a broader audience with my solutions. The WSA was an amazing event to meet new people from all over, make new friends and possibly new business opportunities. -  Carlos Pereira, LIVOX

 The main thing I got from WSA15 was the possibility to meet gifted people from around the world, and share experiences, knowledge and contacts. It broadened my perspective and understanding of the global challenges and accomplishments in the field of mobile content, and gave me insights and network to support my work in the future. - Morten Nybo, World Heritage Denmark

My main benefit of the WSA was: Getting to know mobile projects from all over the world, discovering new ideas and getting inspiration. - Nacho Sanchez, Splyce

WSA Congress was an inspiring meeting of mobile innovators, gurus, tech wizards and creatives from around the globe. It was a joy to see the quality of work from so many different countries answering so many different needs and providing so many wonderful experiences. It was also a chance to learn from so many people who I know I will be talking to for years to come. - Jennifer Wilson, Sherlock

The Congress allowed us to recognize the endless opportunities out there waiting for us to explore. We may have come from different countries, different continents and have a different perspective to issues and challenges. But a common thread binds us all together - the passion to empower every person and make our world a better place to live in. I look forward to my participation in the next event. - Maria Cristina Coronel, ARKO