WSA Dinner at IGF Forum Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
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Moving things forward: WSA Connecting Continents for Enhanced Internet Content

Following the succsessful WSA participation in the workshop “Building Local Content Creation Capacity: Lessons Learned”, taking place on Sept 3 at the Ninth Annual IGF Meeting in Istanbul and several other strong networking and innovation ventures, WSA hosted a well deserved dinner for WSA friends and partners on Sept 4.

"What a great happening of innovative thoughts and ideas with brilliant minds." WSA Chairman Peter Bruck summarizes the truly international event.

Together with WSA boardmember Osama Manzar and WSA experts Olga Cavalli, Pelin Ayan & Rafael Ibarra, WSA 2011 winner Karla Ruiz Cofino and WSA friends Juan Carlos Solines & Jayantha Fernando the WSA Chairman enjoyed dinner and intensive brainstoming about furture events and innovations reagarding the WSA. 

Thank you all for joining!