WSA at IGF Forum Istanbul

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Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance

The Ninth Annual IGF Meeting is held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2-5 September 2014 at theLütfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC). 

Under the overarching theme for the meeting "Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance" WSA is not only represented by WSA chairman Peter A. Bruck, who will attend the forum in Istanbul to meet with the different stakeholders and report the achievements of the recent WSA-mobile winners, but also the WSA network is strongly presented.


WSA participation at the Workshop “Building Local Content Creation Capacity: Lessons Learned”

Karla Ruiz Cofino ofMilknCookies, WSIS+10 and WSA 2011 winner with Mini Mundi from Guatemala & WSA Boardmember & CEO of Afroes Anne Shongwe from Kenya crontributed to the workshop “Building Local Content Creation Capacity: Lessons Learned”, taking place on Sept 3 at the IGF.



Buidling local content - global, local challenges for WSA producers

Shining a closer light on building content, we collected the first statements from our two wonderful WSA ladies.


Karla Ruiz Cofino from WSA Guatemala:

"Quality content production is dependent fist and foremost on good education, secondly on the understanding the technologies and their possiblities - it is even possible to tell a good novel in 140 characters if you know how to use it - and thirdly on people seeing more business models than just the advertising supported content. This limits the creativity.

MilknCookies is offering workshops to share knowledge to change the world - in order to have normal people to leverage their digital tatoo and how the various delivery platforms work and what they can be used for."




Anne Shongwe from WSA Kenya:

Afroes is a social enterprise producing game based learning content and social issues such as justice, but also on how to find work. We work in Kenya, South African and Nigeria.

R&D is most critical as we are not picking content of the self, we try to understand users and listen to where they are, what language do they communicate in, what accessing do they do, what skills do they have.

We are working with global partners and deal with local nuances. We are building games accorss platforms and we develop characters. We have to train the content producers to introduce you in massive social games.

Intellectual property is a challenge to us; we work on a huge open source project because our clients want to ensure that there can be an entire community to develop it further.  There is a lot confusion on OS licencing and we also have to educate ourselves and others on how to work with this well.