WSA-mobile Global Congress 2015 : Speech by Eng. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Executive Director, TRA, UAE

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It was a great honour to have Eng. Mohammed Al Zarouni, Executive Director, Policies and Programs Department from the Telecommunications Regulations Authority, UAE giving a keynote speech for the Emirati welcome on the 2nd day of the WSA mobile Global Congress 2015 in Abu Dhabi, hosted by the Abu Dhabi Systems and Informations Centre.

WSA-Mobile Global Congress

Keynote Speech by Eng. Mohammed Al Zarouni, Executive Director, Policies and Programs Department

“Emirati Welcome – Mobile Visions of the Future”

(Monday, February 2nd, 2015)


Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning and a warm welcome to you all.

The TRA was delighted to bid farewell to 2014 by announcing the UAE’s winner of the WSA-mobile award. It is an honor within itself for the UAE to be an active participant in the global UN-based network. This dynamic initiative is a force helping to place our evolving nation on the map as a leader in mobile content and innovative applications. With the Dubai Police App ranking in the top 40 mobile content brilliance from amongst 480 creative submissions from over 100 countries, it is only appropriate to invite international thought leaders, and ICT figures to be with us today. Consequently, thank you being present at the WSA-Mobile Global Congress in Abu Dhabi, the region’s imminent hub for creativity and mobile applications.

It is no secret that the UAE is surely progressing into an advanced smart nation. Through the guidance and well-calculated directives of our wise leadership, we are headed towards a transformational journey. That being said, all government entities, stakeholders and related parties play an essential role in supporting the nation’s smart government transition strategy. Starting small, let us take a look at the subject on hand throughout this summit, mobile applications.

Mobile apps are no longer developed with the aim of being time wasters, if anything, they are becoming an integral component of our daily lives. Through positioning our efforts into developing state-of-the-art mobile apps, we are on the path to achieving the national vision that is focused on attaining happiness, social welfare and prosperity for all UAE residents. Two major factors signify which applications are worthy of this level of global praise: innovation in efficiency and creativity in design.

Separating apps into different categories, assists with identifying the industries and potential users of the applications. Whether it be m-Business & Commerce, m-Government & Participation, m-Learning & Education, m-Entertainment & Lifestyle, m-Tourism & Culture, m-Media & News, m-Environment & Health or m-Inclusion & Empowerment, mobile apps are equipped with the capabilities to improve the standard of living and services provided to residents.

The UAE’s ICT sector continues to witness diverse evolutions. Thus, encouraging the mobile market to lead through an invasion only possible through mobile applications introduced by various government departments. Undoubtedly, this further emphasizes the role of the TRA as the industry’s national expert, contributing to global best practices for top digital m-Content. With mobile applications such as the Dubai Police app, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority app and the Abu Dhabi Taxi app, we are pushing the creative boundaries for the UAE’s government entities, whilst engaging in global competition.

Rapid innovation observed in the UAE’s ICT sector is accredited to consistent hard work and dedication.  It is imperative to not only compete with global entities, but to build relationships where new skills are learned and exchanged. As such, I thank you all for being present at the WSA-mobile Global Congress, a playground for interacting, inspiring, teaching and working along with innovators, private sectors, and governmental representatives from all corners of the world.

Thank you.