WSA-mobile Global Congress - Connecting Smart Minds

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WSA-mobile Global Congress, Abu Dhabi, Feb 1-3 2015
Connecting Smart Minds

Invitation to the capital of the UAE, WSA-mobile’s Global Congress will turn Abu Dhabi into a global hub for mobile excellence

If you are interested in mobile innovation, smart content and entrepreneurial excellence, the WSA-mobile Global Congress is the place for you. Find out the latest on how mobile content makes cities smarter, the environment cleaner and learning more fun. Meet top representatives of the UN and the ICT industry. Celebrate 40 outstanding app producers at an unforgettable gala evening in Abu Dhabi. Get new partnerships and connections at the Business Matching World Café. Hosted by the Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC)Abu Dhabi will be the centre for smart minds presenting the latest mobile innovation.

To make it short: WSA will take you on a journey to the fascinating world of mobile apps!

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WSA-Mobile Congress Speakers: Meet mobile thought leadership at its best

H.E. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development joins the congress as Guest of Honour and will share UNCTADs role in the Post-2015 agenda.

A highlight of this year’s Congress will be the Innovation shots, short keynotes on the most pressing themes of today’s Internet. Gary Schwartz, President & CEO of Impact mobile will give you impressions on the Internet of Thoughts, Dana Al Salem, CEO of FanFactory and Co-Founder of Yahoo Europe will talk about Smart Engagement of Users. Tomi Ahohen, Author and Mobile Visionary will introduce new insights on Mobile for Smart societies.

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Emirati Innovation: Ibtikari at WSA-Mobile Congress

Transform Ideas into start -ups: Ibtikari Workshop enhancing Emirati Innovation

Ibtikari is a program and event organized by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development in Abu Dhabi. Encouraging Emirati youth to develop entrepreneurial skills to create and innovate applications. The most promising concepts are selected for the next level and will be pitched. Six final projects will be incubated and implemented. Get the chance to see those Ibtikari projects at the WSA-mobile Global Congress where they will present their recently launched projects and get new input and feedback from the international experts of the WSA. Be ready for Emirati Innovation.

Use Your Vote - Select Your Favourite App!

Who in your judgement is your WSA-mobile Global Champion 2015? Support your favourite app and wield influence on the jury's decision making process. Vote for your WSA-mobile Global Champion 2015

Your grades will be one of three criteria when selecting the world's most outstanding apps at the WSA-mobile Events in Abu Dhabi.

In this year’s WSA-mobile contest, we have searched, evaluated and selected 40 great apps from 178 UN-member countries. The winners have been invited to present their projects to you at the WSA-mobile Global Congress and Winners’ Events .There, an on sight jury will select eight mobile champions out of the 40 winners – one champion for each of the eight contest categories. But before the jury gets together, it’s your turn: Which apps make a difference for you? Which ideas do you like best?

The Voting will be closed on Jan 26th, 2015 - 12:00 pm CET