Christian Rupp

Christian Rupp
Position and Company: 
Spokesperson Federal Platform Digital Austria | Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria

Christian Rupp was appointed as the Federal Executive Secretary for the eGovernment initiative of the Austrian Government in Spring 2003 and since autumn 2005 is the Spokesperson of the Federal Platform "Digital Austria" in the Austrian Chancellery, which coordinates the ICT and eGovernment activities between local and national governments, municipalities as well as industries. He is also member of the Advisory Board for Information Society in the Austrian Federal Chancellery, which coordinates the i2010 activities in Austria, as well as the Advisory Board of and the Strategic Consulting Group ICT in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. Before his activities in the Austrian Federal Chancellery he was the eBusiness representative of the Austrian Federeal Economic Chamber for nearly 10 years. Beyond that he was Vice-Director of Communications and Marketing, Director of the eCenter, Adviser for the International Technology- and Know-How-Transfer in the Austrian Federal Chamber Organisation.