Mr. Juan de Urraza

Mr. Juan de Urraza
Position and Company: 
Senior Analyst of Product Development, Personal

Juan de Urraza is a software engineer and holds two postgraduate degrees in “Ethical Training and Theology” and “Teaching Methodology for the University Level”. In addition to that, he is currently working on a Software Engineering Master’s Degree.

Moreover, Juan de Urraza is involved in several activities: At the same time as being in charge of SoftDreams, a company running software development projects, he works as a Technology consultant and auditor. de Urraza has 15 years of experience as a teacher at different universities and currently teaches at the Catholic University of Asunción a course about new technologies and their impact in society. Being interested in expanding access to technology and telecommunications in the sectors of greatest need, in order to reduce the digital gap, he has his own program called “Cybernet”, which is emitted in an online radio and as a podcast in Internet.

For six years, Juan de Urraza has been working as the IT and Communications Manager in Fundación Paraguaya, the biggest non-profit organization in Paraguay. At Fundación Paraguaya he has implemented development programs through the use of technology in the country. Also, he committed himself to pursuing a project called Oportunet, supported by USAID and AED, for three years.

He is now working as Senior Analyst of Product Development in Personal, a major Telecom Company.