Five Furious Facts About the WSA-mobile Winners 2012

Finally, this year’s WSA-mobile Winners have been announced.

  • 40 apps that really make a difference.
  • 40 apps demonstrating that mobile content production is a global phenomenon.
  • 40 apps that will make you fall in love with your mobile device.

In our latest blog post, we proudly present an overview about this year’s mobile gems: Join us on a tour around the world of mobile apps - locally produced, globally relevant.

This year’s winners come from 28 UN-member states:

Arab Countries & Middle East: 3
Asia: 8
Africa: 2
Europe: 21
North America & Oceania: 3
Latin America & Caribbean: 4

Europeans exceed expectations: With 21 National Winners, Europeans position themselves the contest’s most successful region. This is due to the high quality of the products as well as due the large amount of European participants.

Asians on the fast lane: A total of eight Asian winners demonstrates the innovativeness of Asian content developers. With three winning products from China, Asians are among the most successful contest participants.

African Awakening: For the first time, two African apps were selected among the 40 contest Winners: Nigeria’s i-Police and Uganda’s deriveapp 2.0 proof that Africa’s mobile industry is prospering and growing strong.

Northern lights, shining bright: This year, northern countries demonstrated that they are a stronghold of mobile innovation: Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia scored and took home a total of 10 awards.

Diversity Dawning: While iOs applications dominated WSA-mobile 2010, this year Android and Microsoft are rocking the boat. App Developers have adapted to this trend and are getting ready for multiple platform solutions.