Give a Home to the Homeless

An Austrian winter is unbearably cold. Winter is the season when people gather inside their warm homes and enjoy spending time with their families, but not everyone is that lucky. In Graz, the “Vinzenzgemeinschaft” takes care of people that are seeking a place to stay, and it’s not just during winter; It’s a home for the homeless.

To support this movement, the WSA-team invited the participants of the European Youth Award (EYA) to donate whatever they were willing to give. At the end of November, 100 Euros were collected and given to the “Vinzidorf” in Graz, where the EYA took place.

We are happy to donate, even this small amount, to facilitate people’s lives, especially during this chilly time of the year.

If you wish to contribute, please have a look at the Vinzidorfpage.

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