In 2009, Spongelab Interactive was awarded a World Summit Award in eScience and technology. Three years later,
we’re continuing our amazing momentum towards becoming a standard in education across the world. With users in
over 160 countries and over a two million pieces of educational content delivered to students across the world, we’re...

WSA-mobile Jury: Half Time Highlights

Which trends and innovations has the jury discovered so far? And what does it take for a nominee to become a 
WSA-mobile winner? We asked the jury members for a quick mid-term review of their previous findings. Read their
thoughts here:

Darius Bagdziunas - Lithuania



Young digital rebels - changing their world

11 million children under the age of five die each year, mainly from preventable diseases. Children are the most hit
by water-related diseases*.
At the same time more and more young people around the globespeak up against hunger, poverty and injustice.
They set out to face the biggest challenges in their communities, using their native language: digital technology.


Rio+20 or -20?

Sebastian Bustamente, winner of World Summit Youth Award (2010) and World...

Did you ever wonder how WSA-mobile selects the richest mobile content from 168 UN-member countries without missing the forest for the trees? Learn about the arithmetics of an award and find out how WSA fosters the diversity of mobile content around the globe.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff: national experts
The road to Abu Dhabi starts in the offices of...

GUESTBLOG by Lucia Gallikova (No Label Project)

Last month I took part in the biggest geek event in the world of its kind – Campus Party (which took place in Berlin, Germany this year) with about 8000 people from all around the world attending. With organizer's tweets announcing 75% male attendants at the conference, I was aware beforehand that this is not going to be a gender balanced meeting. A fact that neither surprised nor bothered me.

However, later on I was thinking...

WSA-team renounces guilty pleasures to support Education Generation

“I am a total orphan and my peasant guardians can only afford to provide shelter, a meal and school fee for me,” states teenager Francis Wettaka, born in Uganda. To overcome his hard past and start a brighter future, Francis participates in a program that sets out to change the world by investing in the most precious human resource: education. To support the Education Generation program (Winner of the ...

5 facts worth knowing about WSA-mobile 2012

Getting easily bored by rows and columns? We collected five telling facts about this year's contest to prove that a quick glance at our statistics might be a worthwile investment of time and energy.  (Note: due to the ongoing registration process, these numbers are subject to constant changes – we will keep you updated!)

Did you know that …

  • m-Content is global? So far, WSA-mobile...

In 2010, the Mexican Wildlife Conservation Park’s mobile app was among the WSA-mobile Winners in the category m-Entertainment: Since then, Africam Safari’s Digital Guide is continuing its success story. How everything started? As it always does: with a dream!

Africam Safari is a family-run wildlife conservation park. My grandfather was an immigrant in the US who became a self-made...

Welcome to all experts, winners, and nominees who share our vision: Finding the best content that really makes a difference; setting up a true information society!