Digital Literacy Program (PAD) - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Learning

Since we won the WSA in 2005, the benefits were incredible for the PAD® and for the Organization. More than 1.000.000 users improved their knowledge by spending 1.500.000 hours of training on our program.
Also, we produced 7 new versions for different groups: university students, SMEs, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs, public officials  and home users. All of them are mainly linked with the government and O.N.G.s from places such as the Province of San Luis in...

Cape Farewell - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Science

Since winning the WSA the total increase of visitors has been about 65%, excluding additional new media like RSS feed, e-mailer and social networking sites. In 2007, we delivered some of our education materials online, created an online donations programme, a shop and a coded access space for artists to discuss projects in development. Our proactive web strategy, delivered in association with Bullet Creative, maximises online links, associations and partnerships with organisations such as...

Children@Hospital - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Inclusion

For more than 20 years, Children@Hospital has taken the very best of new technologies and enriched them with high quality, fun and interactive contents for sick and disabled children.

With our internet platform, the children’s thirst for knowledge is stimulated thanks to travellers, explorers and scientists, who communicate them through internet, some time from very far away. Their desire for human contact is also satisfied through the friendship of young volunteers who visit...

The Directgov story - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Government

The Directgov story

Directgov was launched as an independent service in May 2004. Our objective was to become the place citizens turn to for the latest and widest range of public services.

In 2005 our aims were to:

      Make all service delivery easier, quicker and cheaper for users.
      Drive take-up of government’s online transactions.

Eternal Egypt - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Culture

For over five thousand years, from the dawn of the pharaohs to the modern era of independence, Egyptian culture has evoked a sense of almost inexpressible awe. By the fifth century BC, as the Greek historian Herodotus wrote, Egypt had "more wonders in it than any other country in the world," and provided "more works that defy description than any other place."

Since May 2001 and for about three years, the Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural...

The Story of DeafPlanet - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Inclusion

The story of is another example how winning an award can help projects to gain more media exposure and increase awareness of a product:

In 2000 the CCSD approached Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg with the idea to create a Deaf encyclopedia. The practicality of such an item was out of the question. However, Mark and Matt transformed this idea to created a website that could be used as a learning tool for ASL. The website even inspired the TV show - aired...

E-Blocks - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Learning

E-Blocks has been very successful since receiving the WSA Award as the best e-Learning solution of 2005. Being a winner of such an important international award has opened many doors for Positivo worldwide. At the time the award was granted, E-Blocks was being used in 13 different countries. Today, more than 20 countries are working with E-Blocks’ solution in their schools and many others are piloting E-Blocks for future implementation.

E-Blocks was designed as an innovative...

Sisu Samrakshak - WSA Winner of 2005 in the category e-Health

It would probably be like the chicken and egg story. In many cases interventions seem to disappear after receiving awards. But in some cases awards give the much needed boost to ICT interventions to get the right exposure and reach to be recognized and taken up by industry champions.

Sisu Samrakshak?s (SSK) success has been that the World Summit Award has catapulted it from a donor based intervention to a ...