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Map2app is designed specifically as a content management system for tourism and travel with special emphasis on language management. Content can be created in three different ways: from within the platform, by importing files into our platform or by collecting content while travelling through the mobile app PlaceGrabber and then uploading the content to the platform. Users can translate a whole tourist guide into 21 different languages with just one click, due to a deep integration with the Google Translator API. Content can also be translated by professional translators, thanks to the upcoming integration with a third-party platform for crowdsourced translations. Map2app allows app authors to update their apps even once they are published, by notifying those who have the app to update it with a simple download. Map2app thus allows app authors to keep in touch with their apps and other users.



Tripwolf - your travel guide is an app for avid travellers. Users can join the tripwolf community and share recommendations by marking their favourite places or get advice from experienced travel writers. The app includes maps, an Augmented Reality viewer, free updates and bonus content for selected destinations. A highlight: the city, country and regional guides created for the most stunning destinations in the world. Thousands of travellers use the app to share tips about restaurants, shops, hotels and nightlife, sorting attractions by popularity, distance, cuisines, price level and type. Trip planning, route calculation, a practical“You Are Here” marker displaying the direction the user is facing, a tripwolf blog and interactivity are some of the myriad features offered by this app. Guide updatesare free, while the features and maps function without internet connection, thus saving roaming fees when abroad.  The app is available in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. tripwolf - your travel guide was the WYSTC award winner for the best youth & student travel app in 2011.



TaxiPal connects users with trusted taxi companies anywhere in the world, providing information on local taxi companies, tariffs and user ratings. A taxi can be summoned without a phone call. With a few simple taps on the mobile display, a taxi will be on its way. What’s more, with TaxiPal’s direct ordering feature, the busy user can silently pre-order during an appointment or conference, so that the taxi is waiting the moment the client steps out of the meeting. Features include extensive international coverage in 31 countries and services available in ten languages, with more added continuously. The app brings taxi companies more customers, by making a participating company visible and more accessible. The web-based back office is easy to use and can be integrated with existing systems, making it a cost-effective sales channel that works 24/7 and crosses language barriers. TaxiPal has received multiple top awards.

Watch the product video here. 


When we were kids, we loved drawing on walls and writing on schools desks; we carved our names into trees and park benches, and expressed our identity and presence everywhere we went. We have a deep urge to leave our mark. Harpoen is a free ‘digital graffiti’ application that is made in Indonesia and Makes Places Talk. Leave your mark and begin a discussion with the future. Discover a mark, and places tell you a story of who came and what happened before you. Like physical graffiti, messages are only visible to others nearby. Content can be tailored to individual tastes with powerful yet easy-to-use customized search features; simply input a keyword, or add a username, and Harpoen will return the closest match to you. Harpoen will also push-alert-you when you are around new messages that either match your saved interests, or have been left by your friends. Harpoen partners with artists, photographers, musicians, local governments, and others with great location-specific content, and has developed a suite of web and mobile management tools. Harpoen is unique because it is non-instantaneous. It is not uncommon to discover Harps from several weeks or months past in areas both new and familiar. We believe that having a shared location is the ultimate context for interactions. We experience serendipity while using Harpoen, as we either run into marks left by others, or others run into and comment on marks left by us.


Dérive app  is a simple, but engaging platform that allows users to explore urban spaces in a carefree way. The web-based mobile app facilitates a randomized meander through urban environments by prompting the user with tasks so as to experience one’s surroundings unconventionally, while essentially playing a game. Because the urban experience does not rely on the actual physical location and yet still results in a unique experience, Dérive app is the exact opposite of conventional tourism. This tool takes the ideals of the Situationists and merges them with digital means, in order to induce an unusual exploration of urban space. The app was created to nudge those people who are in a daily repetitive rut of routine activities to allow the subjectivities of others to enter their urban existence. Task cards call the user to search for specific architectural or social points of interest. Users can add their own tasks and their own subjective reality, thus reflecting urban space in a different light. Dérive app aims to improve people’s sense of community and with it, openness, civic mindedness and renewal.