Mr. Troy Weekes

Chief Executive Officer
EZLearner Inc.
Latin America and Caribbean

Troy Weekes is the CEO of EZLearner Inc, a provider of educational technology solutions for students across the Caribbean. He is a distinguished scholar and futurist on the topics of aviation, e-learning and human centered design. Prior to becoming a board-certified Associate Human Factors Professional, Troy was instrumental in upgrading and managing the lab facilities at the Center for Aviation Human Factors where he developed simulation models to analyze human behavior. Troy has been involved in several business process interventions on local and international projects and has accumulated over ten years’ experience in web consulting. Troy is a former teacher, tutor and teaching assistant. He received his M.S. in Aviation Human Factors from Florida Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Aeronautical Science from the same university. At EZLearner, Troy furthers research and development into the effects of social networks and gamification on student achievement and organizational effectiveness.