Ms. Elizabeth Quat

Founder & President
Internet Professional Association (iProA)

Dr. Elizabeth Quat is the Founder and CEO of CB Strategic Investment Limited which focus in investment in ICT and Education areas. Dr. Quat is also the Co-Founder and Immediate Past President of Internet Professional Association which now represents over 2,500 ICT professionals. It contributes towards improving professionalism of information technology practitioners, encouraging ICT professionals to share social responsibilities, as well as striving to bridge the digital divide in Hong Kong. She holds a BBA, MBA and PhD degree in Management and has over 20 years of experience in Asia market entry, new business & product development, and M&A. Dr. Quat is an active member of many China and HKSAR Government Advisory Committees and community servicing organisations such as the Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee, Logistics Development Council, and the Personal Data (Privacy) Advisory Committee. She is also the Founder of Green ICT Consortium and the Hong Kong Energy Saving Association, and a member of the All-China Youth Federation of mainland China. She was awarded one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” and “Ten Outstanding Young Digi Persons, "The Most Successful Women", and "Hundred Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in China". Dr. Quat was also elected District Councilor of Hong Kong Shatin District Council.
Dr. Quat recently completed a Master Degree in Social Sciences major in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Hong Kong University’s Family Institute.  Dr. Quat joined the scientists of the “ELYSIUM” project on a 20-day expedition of the Antarctic Peninsula and Southern Ocean to examine the impact of climate change on the oceans and Antarctica. Dr. Quat, a certified PADI dive Instructor was one of the members of the diving team and a supporting photographer of the expedition to document the underwater and above water world of Antarctica. Dr. Quat is married and has been a vegetarian for 23 years.