CURE Runners

m-Learning & Education
Ms. Eva-Bettina Gruber


What’s new about our product? Why has no one done it before? Our educational approach! Educational products are only effective if young people are confronted with their (learning) content interactively and repeatedly. Our mobile game CURE Runners (and educational model that is based on it) achieves learning effects playfully, mainly in free time, via popular, digital media, on eye level with and in the language of our users, without an obvious educational approach and hence appreciated! Cool marketing activities included (social media, storytelling). Moreover, we created and evaluated the game with all stakeholders and its behaviour-based effectiveness scientifically in our research think tank! The game’s story in short? An island, destroyed by a virus. Survival is possible only with CURE - a powerful, green liquid, which is also the islands currency. You need CURE to live, pay for food, gear, rent. An adventure with free-running elements and a gripping gameplay, CURE RUNNERS trains responsible money-management as you play.