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Makkah Window


Makkah Windows (MW) is a smart phone app and the idea behind it is to present Makkah’s history and Islamic culture to a large number of audience through modern mobile technology such as augmented reality, virtual tours, 360 degree video and interactive maps.

Their mission is to develop and provide unique high-quality interactive content for Makkah history and Islamic culture in general to be available for anyone to access anywhere in the world via smart devices and modern technology. First in the world unique Panorama Tours through the Holy Mosque in Makkah! Get information about Makkah and experience historic places!

Features: - 6 Video Panoramas - Unique panorama tour through Masjid Al Haram - Interactive map of Makkah - Many 360 degree panoramas from Islamic Cultural Heritage Sites - Live TV from Makkah - Historic images - Information and pictures provided by locals from Makkah - Historical facts about the most important Islmaic sites