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Mr. Vishal Anand


NewsHunt is an online all-languages newspaper mobile app. It has a monthly active user-base of 25 million, who consume more than half a billion page-views, each month. The product works on all mobile platforms and currently works with 85+ newspapers in 11 languages. NewsHunt helps get their local language news on their mobile devices. NewsHunt provides a mobile publishing product and platform that gives regional language publishers capability to display their language content on mobile phones – from low end features phones to high end smartphones and tablets. It does encoding, packaging and publishing of their content on various mobile devices. to end users, it provides regional language newspapers with full text and image stories on mobile devices. the newspapers are mobile formatted with ability to be presented even on devices that do not have those regional fonts installed. Lack of indian regional language support on phones and strong news consumption culture in india that was growing mobile and online revolution were the catalysts in building a platform to render regional language news on phones. NewsHunt has also helped migrant population get closer to their community by reading their hometown news in their local language.