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Nezahualcóyotl is an omnipresent figure in Mexican society. His image is in our bills and his name in our streets, municipalities, and even in a subway station; his work, however, is relatively unknown. This App integrates his poetry, its development is product of the research of one of the foremost experts on the subject in Mexico, who translated –exclusively for this App– some of the poems attributed to the ruler of Texcoco. Poems can be read and heard in Náhuatl and in Spanish. The Náhuatl has been in contact with Spanish for almost 500 years, because the Spaniards conquered Mexico in 1521. It was the language that the dominant culture used when the Spaniards arrived to Mexico. Today, it is the Mexican indigenous language with the largest number of speakers. The App includes two facsimile manuscripts of the first Pre-Hispanic songs attributed to the poet.

This free app for iPad was developed by the National Council for Culture and the Arts.