m-Inclusion & Empowerment
Mr. Ses Flyd


SnooCode is a free mobile application that solves the problem of lack of addresses in developing countries like Ghana. It provides everyone in rural or urban areas with a unique, robust & easy to memorize address. It allows people to find tier private code using a GPS Enabled Phone avoiding any unnecessary or costly bureaucracy. SnooCode is revolutionary as it is over 230 times more precise than the UK Post Code system. As a self-checking system, it is able to detect errors in the code before the user sets off & is very tolerant of human error & in some implementations has the ability to function accurately (e.g. after an earthquake) without either a mobile network or Internet connection. Because of its viral nature, it can also be deployed at a national level at a fraction of the cost of existing systems. For these & other reasons, it won an (IET) International Innovation Award in the Information Technology Category for 2011 for the groundbreaking achievements.