World Heritage Denmark

m-Tourism & Culture
Mr. Morten Nybo


This app unfolds both the greater perspective and dives into the three Danish world heritage sites. It tells the individual story of the very different Danish world heritage sites while it at the same time unfolds a broader story about world heritage as a phenomenon. It is possible to dive into the immersing tales of great kings of Denmark, the place said to be the foundation of the Danish nation and identity, and the magnificent architecture of the old church where great king are buried and the impressive castle where also, Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” took place. The app lets historical characters - related to the UNESCO OUVs - tell the story of the world heritage sites. Through location based augmented reality it is possible to stand face to face with central figures from the sites and experience the sites through their eyes. The app can be used both onsite and offsite. You can explore the sites through interactive maps, highlighting points relating to world heritage or the other points of interest, be it video, panoramas or text/images through easily decoded iconography. The map is dynamic and orders point of interest under named areas, e.g. the Kings bedroom etc.

The app offers different dissemination methods so it appeals to a broad spectra of users. The app communicates the technical complex world heritage phenomenon in a simple way, and with a design line aimed at younger users and families.

You can use the app onsite and stand face to face with the central figures, but the app also features person gallery you can delve into offsite. Here the most central figures from the sites through the history are mediated though videos and texts. If you are exploring a place offsite, you can experience high quality 360 degree augmented panorama views of the three locations, giving the viewer an impression of the three very different sites. As the sites are not mobile friendly - thick stonewalls, metal covered roofs and remote locations - the app must work without the use of GPS and wifi access. The augmented reality spots utilizes iBeacon technology in order to help the user find the points of interest.